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Linn Koch-Emmery - Boys EP cassette

Linn Koch-Emmery - Boys EP cassette

Boys EP - Linn Koch-Emmery 

Bby Never Mind
Under the Sun
Little Feels 
Forever Sounds 

In 2016 Linn Koch-Emmery released her debut single ”Come Back". Her two follow up singles "Forever Sounds" and "Under the Sun" were released by Gothenburg label Welfare Sounds & Records and picked up right where she left of. With them the Norrköping-born but Stockholm-based Linn has showcased an ability to write speaker-breaking lo-fi indie with melodies so sharp that they bury their way into your head for weeks.

Boys is written by Linn Koch-Emmery, produced by Niklas Berglöf and mixed by Magnus Lindberg.
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